Automate Your Moving Business

Quick Move is a powerful scheduling and dispatching tool that helps moving companies save time and money.

One-time installation fee. Monthly subscriptions vary based on business needs.
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Scheduling Simplified

Quick Move simplifies your move assignment process greatly.

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Happy Employees

Allow employees to effortlessly update you and the customer with less direct communication from you.

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  • Dynamic Job Updates

    Employees receive jobs that are created and can accept them without the need for calling them. 

  • Improve your workflow

    We're here to make your life easier.

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      Automated Job Board

      New orders notify your employees to accept the job. You can set the number of slots available for each job.

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      Customers Updates

      When a job is accepted or needs attention, customers are notified at each step. 

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      Realtime Updates - Stay Informed

      Track current jobs for the day. See when jobs are completed. 

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      Save Time And Money

      No more need for tedious dispatch phone calls. You can take in more jobs and grow your business. 

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